Lambretta Moto Giardinetta

  • Fd/c Moto Giardinetta

The Lambretta Moto Giardinetta.

Technical Specification

Model FD/C 150 Moto Giardinetta (or Surrey for US market)
Production Started Approximately March 1958
Production Ended Approximately May/June 1958 (Launched at the factory with S1Li's in July)
Frame Prefix T40
Engine Prefix 150M
Starting Frame N° FDC's with frame numbers around 022300*T40
Starting Engine N° FDC's with engine numbers around 150M*022300
Amount Produced 30-40 Approximately
Engine 148cc, two stroke, 57x58mm, Inside cab
Power & Rate 6HP at 4,750RPM
Compression Ratio 1:6.5
Head & Cylinder Aluminium & Cast Iron
Engine Cooling Forced Air
Crankcase Oil SAE30 500grams
Starter Manual Lever
Clutch Multiple discs in oil bath
Gears 3 speed hand shifter
Gear Ratios 1st 1:24.15
2nd 1:11.40
3rd 1:6.01
4th N/A
Reverse 1:31.46
Ignition Filso or Marelli
Spark Advance 26° 34mm on the circumfrance of the flywheel
Point Settings .40-.50mm
Sparkplug Bosch 225, short thread
Primary Gear
Secondary Shaft and differential
Transmission Oil EP SAE 140/250grams
Carburetor dell'orto MA19B4
Carburation Main 75, Pilot 450, valve 75.
Fuel Mix 6.00%
Fuel Consumption 1lt per 32km
Fuel Capacity 11.5lts
Range 300km
Maximum Speed 55-60km/h
Brake Type Front: Mechanically controlled drum
Rear: Hydraulically controlled drum
Tire 4.00 x 8
Tire Pressure Front: 2.0ATM
Rear: 3.25ATM
Front Oscillating connecting rods
Rear Rigid cross beam with longitudinal leaf springs
Dry Weight Estimated at 245kg
Longitudinal Dimension 2,420mm
Transversal Dimension 1,330mm
Vertical Dimension Box
Max Hight 1,620mm
Ground Clearance 125mm
Wheel Base 1,650mm
Track Width 1,180mm
Minimum Turning Radius 2,300mm
Load Capacity Estimated 350kg
System 6 Volt with 9amp battery
Frame Steel tubing with 1,650mm resistence
Cab Small round cab with single round headlight, roll top roof & full length canvas back,
matching canvas rear cover on collapsable framework with removable wicker bench seat
Floor mats as standard.
Front Mudguard FD/C and Series1 FLI175 mudguards were used during production..
Doors Optional suicide opening doors with plexiglass windows. (US Market)
Trunk Type Aluminum compartment
Aluminium pressed pickup trunk with hinged rear panel
Also available as chassis only
Colours Grigio Lambro, Azzuro Lombardia, Verde Irlanda
(Other known colour: 1960 Rome olympics livery on 20 vehicles)
Optional Extras Speedometer, Clock, Electric windshield wiper, (for US market, interior light)
Steering Handlebar
Accelerator Actuated by twisting of the right handle bar grip
Brakes Front: Foot pedal
Rear: Right lever on handlebar
Clutch Left lever on handlebar
Gears Actuated by twisting of the left handlebar grip with clutch engaged