Lambretta 48 3 Wheeler

It is unknown if this concept was ever produced as far as a working prototype was concerned.

The design takes inspiration from the Lambretta 48 Autocycle, but with a ridgid rear section and passenger seating compartment at the front. Looking at the fuel tank fixing, I would estimate this to be a concept from 1955. The design also features a handbrake, and the coil mounting is above the front of the chain guard. It is hard to tell what the design was for the clutch cable routing. It is a single gear cable deisgn, and there doesn't appear to be a cable anchorage to the engine sidecase which only appeared on the first 100 or so examples of the 48 Mk Version 1 Machines of the Autocycle production.
This was possibly never produced due to the obviously high cost of production compared to the Autocycle. A quirky concept nonetheless.

Image Copyright to Vittorio Tessera, Casa Lambretta, Museo Scooter e Lambretta Milano.