Tri Lambretta

  • Tri Lambretta

Tri Lambretta.

Technical Specification

Model Tri Lambretta
Production Started January 1970
Production Ended September 1970
Frame Prefix Un Stamped
Engine Prefix Unknown
Starting Frame N° 001001
Starting Engine N° Unknown
Amount Produced 760
Engine 150cc
Power & Rate
Compression Ratio
Head & Cylinder Aluminium & Cast Iron
Engine Cooling Forced Air
Crankcase Oil SAE 90 0.6lt
Starter Pedal
Clutch Multiple discs in oil bath
Gears 4 speed hand shifter
Gear Ratios
Ignition Magneto
Spark Advance 18°-20° 2.20-2.66mm before TDC (top dead centre) mark on the flywheel
Point Settings .35-.45mm
Sparkplug Bosch 225, long thread
Primary Chain
Secondary N/A
Transmission Oil N/A
Carburetor dell'orto special SH2/22
Carburation Main 102, Pilot 48, valve 1
Fuel Mix 4.00%
Fuel Consumption
Fuel Capacity 8.1lt
Maximum Speed
Brake Type Front & Rear: Mechanically controlled drum
Tire 3.50 x 10
Tire Pressure
Front Oscillating arms with crosswise leaf springs
Rear Torsion bar attached to the motor with a single shock absorber
Dry Weight
Longitudinal Dimension
Transversal Dimension
Vertical Dimension Box
Max Hight
Ground Clearance
Wheel Base
Track Width
Minimum Turning Radius
Load Capacity
Frame Use of both special and DL side panels
Trunk Type
Steering Handlebar *
Accelerator Actuated by twisting of the right handlebar grip
Brakes Foot pedal operates both front and rear combined
with a seperate lever on the right handlebar controling the rear independantly
Clutch Left lever on handlebar
Gears Actuated by twisting of the left handlebar grip with clutch engaged
Trilambretta parts catalogue 178-7-1970