Moto Lambretta 98cc

This interesting prototype was amongst the machines found by Vittorio Tessera at the Innocenti factory, the collection bequeathed to him by the Innocenti family and now form part of the Museo Scooter e Lambretta Milano.
Sadly no information was ever discovered, but what is known is a collaboration was made between Innocenti and Motom. The prototype, a derived version of the Motom 92 which was produced in 1962 with new body work. It appears to have a light switch and rear light unit from a Lambretta Lui 75s.

It would be interesting to discover why Innocenti did not enter this machine in to production, if the Innocenti company had not fallen on hard times economically, maybe this machine could have been a success for them. It is not too dissimilar to the Spanish Eibar built Lambretta Serveta 48cc ciclomotore

Image Copyright to Vittorio Tessera, Casa Lambretta, Museo Scooter e Lambretta Milano.