Lambretta Lui 50 S (Luna)

  • Lui 50 S

Lambretta Lui 50 S (Luna).

Technical Specification

Model Lui 50 S (Luna)
Amount Produced 27817 (Combined 50 C/CL/S models) (8846 Model S)
Production Dates March 1968 – May 1970
Frame Prefix 20/9
Engine Prefix j50
Frame Starting Number 575001
Engine Starting Number 575001
Homologation 5629 OM
Engine 49.8cc, two stroke, 38x44mm
Power and Rate 1.48hp at 4600rpm
Compression Ratio 1:7.75
Head and Cylinder Aluminium and cast iron
Engine Cooling Forced Air
Ignition Ducati magneto
Spark Advance 20' – 22' 1.65 – 2.01 mm before top dead center
Point Setting .35-.45 mm
Carburetor dell'orto SHA 14/12
Choke 12mm
Slide N/A
Needle N/A
Atomiser N/A
Main Jet 52
Pilot Jet N/A
Starter N/A
Float 3.5 Grams
Starter Pedal
Crankcase oil Agip Rotra SAE 90 450cc
Transmission Oil
Oil / Gas Mix 2%
Clutch Multiple discs in oil bath
Gears 3 speed with hand shifter
1st 9/58 1: 6,44
2nd 15/53 1: 3,53
3rd 20/46 1: 2,30 – 37,1 kmh
Secondary Transmission Simplex chain
Secondary Transmission
Frame Steel tubing and stamped metal of strong 1202mm
Front Suspension Oscilating conecting rods
Rear Suspension Torsion bar attached to motor with a single shock
Wheels Dismountable wheels
Tires 3.00 x 10 pirelli or ceat
Tire Presure Front 1.5 ATM, rear 1.75 ATM
Brakes Drum
Dry Weight 68.6kg
Km Per Gallon 1.6lts per 100km
Fuel Capacity 6lt
Max Speed 40kmh
Initial Price 95,000 Italian Lira
Electrical System 6 volt
Sparkplug Bosch 225 long thread
wheel Base 1202mm
Maximum Length 1690mm with Number plate holder / 1700mm with Mud Flap
Ground Clearance
Maximum Seat Hight
Minimum Turning Radius
Maximum Width 660mm
Maximum Hight 1050mm
Colour Turquoise 8016
Orange 8037
Apple Green 8039