Bicylindrical Sx.

After the success of the Lambretta 200 Special X, Innocenti set about refining the model. In keeping with the previous production, the cylinder capacity was kept to 200cc, with a redisigned crankcase to accept two 100cc cylinders, however with the increased air induction and twin carburettor, the tool box with decreased in size to accomodate the changes. The configuration all fitting to the Lambretta 200 Special X frame.

2 prototypes were produced and they were numbered 10 & 11.

Number 10: Featured Aluminium cylinder heads, mounting for 12" wheels and a lap counter.
Number 11: Featured Cast Iron cylinders, an autolube system and an inside legshield toolbox, the latter which are subsequently now available from Rimini Lambretta Center, having conserved both of these prototype machines back to working condition for Vittorio, they set about having the remade.

Image Copyright to Dean Orton, Casa Performance, Rimini Lambrettta Center.