• Experiment 133.
  • This concept based around the series 3 Lambretta Li, features a Lambretta Fli / Lambro engine configuration mounted to the central frame on 4 point mountings, it is with forced air cooling. The main frame appears to have an upper frame support for the seat and fuel tank, but also incorporates the base for the rear load carrying compartment, however the main frame also runs the full length off the load carrying compartment. Traditional longitudinal leaf spring configuration for the rear suspension. The fuel tank appears to be of the J Range variety. The rear load carrying compartment has bi facial marker lights, however Lambretta Fli/ Lambro type lights are fitted to the rear. as well as a spare wheel. A sufficient toolbox as fitted to production 3 wheeler models can be seen fitted to the underside of the rear load carrying compartment.

    Image Copyright to Vittorio Tessera, Casa Lambretta, Museo Scooter e Lambretta Milano.