Ghia Li.

In 1959, Innocenti collaborated once again with the Italian coachworks of Ghia, as they had done the previous year with the Lambretta Furgone D Moto Giardinetta. This time to work on a 2 wheeled design of the Series 2 Lambretta Li. Ghia constructed 2 wooden prototypes, the better of the two was chosen by Innocenti, and a subsequent version was constructed in metal, the running gear of the production model Li was used and the prototype became a fully working version. Interesting key points to note is the use of a monocoque frame, and a turning front mudguard, last seen on the Lambretta LD (Lusso D or Luxury D model)

Image Copyright to Vittorio Tessera, Casa Lambretta, Museo Scooter e Lambretta Milano.